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Albert Penello
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(10-15-2013, 09:53 PM)
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Two takeaways from this video.

My head is huge.
Man I do more of the Italian hand-talking then I thought.

So one of the requirements I had for doing this video is I wanted to speak accurately and factually. I’m not sure how you can say there was marketing spin in this. I wanted to tie all of this back to actual features.

I talked about the tangible benefits of “the cloud”: Save games, roaming profiles, content re-download.
I talked about the future-stated benefits of cloud rendering, and never made any outrageous claims about it.

When I talked about Smartglass, I talked about real features, and game implementation.

I’m not sure you could claim any of these as being speculative or sensationalist.

Also to be clear. One of the benefits of publishing games on Xbox One – ALL game developers get Dedicated Servers, Cloud Processing, and “storage” (for save games) free.

If you want to do dedicated servers on other platforms, you have to prop them yourself. But on Xbox One, while developers can choose to use their own methods, we make it available to everyone.

There should be no confusion on this point. We do not charge developers for Dedicated Servers.

EDIT: I'm referring to Multi-Player games here. I assumed that in the post, but someone on twitter asked about single-player.

Originally Posted by netBuff

This is literally impossible, it's not a question of whether MS wants to or not. The failure rate with biometric recognition is much too high for such a feature to work in any way.

The only literal part of this statement is that it’s literally wrong. All the processing for your personal Kinect ID is done locally. If you want to have your biometric log-in done on another console, you have to log-in and have the Kinect recognize you there. And between the HD camera and the IR sensor, it’s nearly flawless (in my house anyway). I sit 8 feet away from my TV, at an angle, and sign-in works every time.