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Originally Posted by Skeff

BF4 was confirmed to be 720p on XB1 at the time but on PS4 it was confirmed as "below 1080p" and "above 720p" which is why it isn't on the list.

Regarding parity, I'll wait to see it on the comparisons, and then buy Killzone.

EDIT: So are you going to confirm 900p on Xbone? or will you leave it vague, hinting at parity without actually stating it so if it is not parity, then you never technically lied to us?

When I was searching I saw an article on it. I don't actually know, so I can't confirm anything.

To be clear - I don't know the resolution for every 3rd party game on XBO. I don't know why people think I would. Do you believe the 3rd parties are giving me a report on the latest resolutions of their games? Or I can just call up and they will share it?

I know the resolutions of our First party games, that's it.

And, to be clear, I was asking if anyone had a list COMPARING Xbox One and PS4 resolutions. Even in the list above, it doesn't give me the XBO resolutions for a lot of 3rd parties.

I ended up generating my own list.