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Albert Penello
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(10-16-2013, 12:00 AM)
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Originally Posted by Zatoichi's Cane

Apparently no one in the entire Xbone division has any contacts with third party developers. Microsoft finds out details about games published on their platform on release day.

just stop....

I'm sorry that peoples' lack of understanding of our team works, gets translated into me being disingenuous.

OF COURSE we have a 3rd party team that works very closely with publishers.

That team is organizationally separate from the rest of us. Why? Because that team deals with very sensitive information. Remember, we are both a competitor and a partner to our publishers.

To preserve that balance, our 3rd party team isn't in the habit of doling out information to the rest of the team, including me, whenever we want. I don’t get to walk over there and see whatever I want, or get these types of questions answered because of my position.

So what do you want to be true? That I can walk over and get any piece of information I want about any 3rd party game? Or that the IP of our partners is secured organizationally so publishers are confident that what they share with that team remains confidential?

Because the latter part is true. So yes, a lot of these details I will get near the same time the game actually ships.

So let's use some common sense. Almost nobody that works on Xbox knows details of 3rd party games besides that team.