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Originally Posted by Dark FaZe

Just saw this:

fuck, that's almost the cost of buying the panel itself

Nvidia knowing we simply can't refuse


We hope to get the cost down to $130.

Originally Posted by Dark FaZe

Will the DIY kit be available before 2014?

We are working towards that goal.

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What does this mean for Lightboost monitors and specifically ToastyX implementation? How does G-Sync compare to Lightboost strobbing? Do they work together, like with 3D Vision?

The VG248QE is one of the top monitors in this category. However, Lightboost uses DVI for a connection, and last time I checked, Displayport does not support this feature.

We have a superior, low-persistence mode that should outperform that unofficial implementation, and importantly, it will be available on every G-SYNC monitor. Details will be available at a later date.