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Albert Penello
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(10-25-2013, 01:47 AM)
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Since every comment seems to create a s**tstorm, here goes.

Go back and read what I said – not other people’s *interpretation* of what I said.

I was getting a lot of tweets asking about the issue of resolution. I’ve seen the game, then I saw the PS4 footage, and I simply suggested that people wait for footage on both platforms to debate.

I’ve said this exact same thing on this forum several times. But nobody reads the posts, people then just start to assume things or read into things, or then call into question my honesty. Let’s put this to bed.

Here’s a fact that will blow your mind.

The guy that runs 3rd party relations for Xbox is one of my best friends. And we have to play this information game all the time. He has the utmost respect for the confidentiality of partner details. So I did call him and ask him, and he told me very directly “You don’t need to know”

End of conversation. End of speculation.

Nobody at MS will comment on this. Most people don’t know. This is Activision’s product, and it’s completely up to them on how/when they want to show this product, why they choose to roll-out their game in a certain way, and what platforms they choose to show on.

There is no point in lying about anything. If I did know, I would have just said “I can’t say”. You all would have gotten the same answer.

So please, let’s be careful on the “lying” and “obfuscation” memes around here. Read what I post. I ignore 99% of the insults here because they are clearly a result of people not actually reading.

That said, keep up the .gifs. Those I love.