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(10-25-2013, 02:23 AM)
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Originally Posted by Amir0x

As an individual then, do you believe personally that the fact those in that seperate organization are keeping mum for this long while Sony gleefully goes about saying "native 1080p" implies something negative?

As a gamer, completely dispassionately Albert, and without the dressing: do you as a person with an opinion believe that this indicates we shouldn't all be starting to draw some very real conclusions?

Not at all. You, as a student of the industry, should know that there are MANY factors at play here. Marketing deals, state of the code, competitive pressures. We show stuff at E3 first then gets announced later for PS, then they show something that gets announced later for us. There are a ton of examples of this.

Why did NBA show on PS4 then immediately disclose 1080p on Xbox One? Why isnít Activision saying anything? Why are certain games showing first on ours, or first on theirs? Why go games get delayed? Quality? Tuning?

You should know by now that there is never one answer in all these cases. Sometimes itís bad, sometimes itís not.

Iíll be bummed if itís true. But the fact nobody is saying anything doesnít make me jump to conclusions.