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go eat paint
(11-30-2007, 01:01 AM)
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So, tomorrow's comic was put up early:

And, umm, yeah... what happened in the last panel did happen... yesterday.

Originally Posted by acklame

Summary of latest development:

- CNET issues totally predictable non-denial-denial statements trying to dodge their way out of this
- Josh Larson, the guy in charge who replaced Greg K when he left, is a marketing guy and he's in charge of the editorial content
- Previous article by Josh Larson:
- an anonymous account by a possible gamespot editor of this whole debacle:
- Alex N, a gamespot editor, posted this on his blog http://www.gamespot.c-om/users/AlexN...m-100-25234567
- Kevin V, another gamespot editor's blog post: http://www.gamespot.c-om/users/Kevin...m-100-25234747