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(10-28-2013, 10:25 PM)
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Originally Posted by gumby_trucker

are there games today that really need to draw more than a million polygons on screen per frame? I mean it sounds like Xbone and PS4 main characters aren't even 100k total, and a large amount of those will always be occluded anyway..

I think Forza dudes will grab all the polygons they can at any given circunstance and put them into cars.

Other than that, no... not really; most devs are not really focusing on polygon count anymore.

My point though, was that even if theoretical throughput is the same efficiency texturing and the like probably isn't; the less bottlenecked the platform the closest it can come to it's calculated capacity. I don't think Wii U is gonna be anywhere past 250 million polygons per second on a normal basis, but perhaps it can hit 200 no problem. I'm throwing numbers here, but I really think seeing some games out there than it can have a palpable polycount edge to it; not huge but certainly noticeable.

In regards to the million polygon question, some PS3/X360 games draw 3/4 million polygons per frame @ 30 fps. We're easily past the 1 million mark per frame on a normal basis.