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(12-04-2007, 06:08 AM)
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I've been asked to be a little less forthcoming with info, and I'm going to respect that request. Making any of the GameSpot editors' uncomfortable or stepping on their toes was never my intention. Being a freelancer, I've signed no agreements about what I can or can't say--but I'm not going to be some de facto whistle blower if it means hurting any of the innocent staffers.

And they ARE innocent. I implore people to keep in mind, that the CURRENT editorial staff of GameSpot are the most honest, upstanding, and public-serving people I've ever had the pleasure to know and work for. I have been taken to task on a few occasions for mistakes I have made, all unfortunate factual errors, but never for giving a popular game a low score (except Shenmue, but to be fair, everyone involved in that debacle is LONG gone. It was SEVEN years ago!).

As for the future, well... even if they don't get pressured to cut me loose because I've made a few posts here, I personally cannot write for a site that, for whatever reasons, wants to bring its review scores and tone more in line with the Metacritics/GameRankings medians, and is willing to pressure its writers to nudge in that direction. The point of an average is that there are highs, lows, and in-betweens. If every publication strives to be in the middle, then there's no point in having multiple publications anymore. Wasn't one of GameSpot's BEST aspects that it was tougher on games?

From what I've found out, that's the direction the execs want to take GameSpot in. I hope they back off from that aim. I hope they release a statement, do the right thing, and realize what the site's users truly want. But, let's face it, they probably won't. The execs get their advice from Wu Tang Financial: dolla dolla bill y'all.

I still have hope, though. A small glimmer.

In any case, I received emails today from two major pubs that said they'd pick me up if CNet no longers wants my services (or I no longer want to provide my services to them). I am sad that my love for GameSpot has been shaken. I FEAR CHANGE. I HATE CHANGE. But, that which does not kill me makes me stronger. And I have some integrity. I need to be able to "call it like I see it."

So, yeah... mum's the word.

Edited to add: Regardless of what goes down, I still have to finish the slate of games I've already committed to review for GameSpot. So, don't be surprised to see my name continue to crop up for a bit.