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According to the reviewers, the battles in Lightning Returns are interesting and the feel for speed is great. They are “extremely entertaining,” but if the player fails to pay attention to an enemy’s weakness even trash mobs can prove difficult. As a result, it’s important to make split section decisions during battle. Even on Easy mode, Lightning Returns can be surprisingly difficult. The time constraints don’t appear to factor into that difficulty too much though, and didn’t stress the reviewers out much at all.

It’s not all about the battles, though. Clearing quests is obviously the goal here and the amount of freedom given to the player is so high it’s easy to get lost in it. Hints for each quest are actually fairly scarce and as a result, it might take casual users a bit to get used to. Players can become absorbed in trying to complete a large number of quests, as well as customizing and strengthening Lightning. The level of uniqueness you can achieve with her appearance and ability setups is said to be “entertaining and stunning”. The reviewer also states that the game is quite beautiful.