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(11-13-2013, 08:28 PM)
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Originally Posted by Dylx

Download and put the update on USB.

1.)When powering on, press and hold the power button to enter safe mode. (Hold for 7 seconds)

2.) Tried a regular reboot same thing happened (Option 1) Failed
3.) Tried to rebuild system database (Option 4) Worked.

System booted regularly.

Tried to reboot the system, and it went back into a non-functioning mode.

Still on the phone with support to get the issue resolved.

Listen to me:

If there is an option to Reinitialize/Reinstall firmware/Restore system, use that one. Rebuilding the database doesn't sound like it should fix this problem. You gotta reinstall everything through USB.

Also, after restoring/reinitializing/reinstalling the firm, if after rebooting the PS4 doesn't display anything, try changing the inputs of your TV/Monitor, cycle through them and come back to the HDMI. Where I work, we had that problem sometimes and a lot of people thought it was a brick.

Good luck mate.