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Originally Posted by Hoo-doo

Can someone create a list of day-one sales of as many consoles as possible?
I'd like to see how it stacks up. We need graphs, people. Graphs!

I don't think we have day one numbers for most of them, and not for US + Canada anyway.

I have launch months for everything since the PS2 (but not the PS2), to closest 5K.

GBA (Jun '01) - 880K
Xbox (Nov '01) - 720K
GCN (Nov '01) - 660K
NDS (Nov '04) - 480K
PSP (Mar '05) - 620K
360 (Nov '05) - 325K
PS3 (Nov '06) - 195K
Wii (Nov '06) - 475K
3DS (Mar '11) - 400K
PSV (Feb '12) - 225K
Wii U (Nov'12) - 425K