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This Cheat engine table is now AOB scanned so it will work for future updates. So I'm comfortable creating a first page game-title post

Free Camera, FOV, Toggle Hud

Grab this Cheat Engine table

Attach the table to the game. Don't activate any scripts. Then go in-game. Once in-game, press F1 (this will enable both the camera script and the ToggleHud script).

Delete - toggle free camera
Free cam is controlled with I J K L (forward, backward, side-to-side) and U O (up, down)

Numpad 5 - Toggle Hud
Number row (-) and (+) - Change FOV

Time of day control
Still uses the same CE table. There are 2 scripts and only 1 can be active at a time. It helps if you have the table open on a 2nd monitor so you can keep track of what's active.

F6 - Enable time of day control
Use [ ] keys to change the time of day

F7 - enable sun position control
Use ALT + [ ] keys to change sun position (useful for changing the direction of shadows)

Example screenshots:

Windowed mode

For whatever reason, if you want windowed mode, you can have it. It's pretty easy. I'll just quote my previous post on it.

Originally Posted by mgr.inz.Player

AC4_WindowMode patcher:

Copy it to AC4 dir, launch it, type y and press ENTER. Patching will start.
Pressing only enter will give you info about current mode.

Patching again will revert all changes.

In action:

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