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(12-02-2013, 04:39 PM)
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Originally Posted by Miles Quaritch

Where do Nintendo go from here?

When you're outsold by new consoles in just a week after having a one year head-start, it's time to re-evaluate pretty much everything about your product...

Fantastic sales for Sony and not a bad second week for MS either.

I think retail and the market will push Nintendo in a direction whether they like it or not.

They MUST be in danger of losing shelf space at this point. Retail will have four major consoles (PS3/4, 360/One) plus 3DS/2DS to push which will all move units, and it looks like Mario can't help even poor Wii U out. If it goes from shelves, it will be finished. I am still confident in my crazy mind that Wii U will not see another Christmas after this one. But that's just me. The future games will just get moved/axed.

Releasing Mario on Friday was a really stupid thing to do, it could of come out weeks before that. I wonder if the same gamers who buy Nintendo home sytems (150k of them in UK) are the same gamers that buy PS4/Xbox? That might explain lack of sales this week. Otherwise, nobody gives a shit. Also, I haven't seen a single Mario 3D World advert on UK TV, whereas the other two (PS4 more so, especially last night, holy shit) are on all the time.