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maybe they thought they won already since they were the first to ship 10 million and they assumed that 3rd parties would just carry it the rest of way like they had a huge influence with on the PS2

A story of three kids, and a race they had one day after school.

First, a short introduction:

Sony is a popular kid at school, somewhat athletic, although often viewed as a clutz. He's considered a genius in math and science, to which he owes a great deal of his popularity. He's sometimes viewed and disliked as an egomaniac, but some kids say it's the pressure his parents put on him all the time.

Nintendo is a trendy, popular student and very athletic. He's won numerous sports medals. Many girls like him and many younger kids look up to him. He's not known for being brainy, but he's a practical kid with a lot of heart.

Microsoft is also popular, especially among his clique. He has fared well in some sports he's tried out for, but it never really stuck with him. He has a hot temper and is known for blowing up in class. Despite all this, he's quite smart and is known for pulling in good grades.

Now, onto our story.

Sony and Nintendo stand idly in a barren football field as they chat about their day at school.

"Hey guys, how about a race?" said a voice from behind.

Sony and Nintendo recognize the voice, but turn around to acknowledge and greet the speaker.

Nintendo says, "Hey Microsoft, whats up?

"I've been practicing for the track team and need a race. Just some friendly competition to warm up," Microsoft replies.

To which Sony responds, "Sure, what are we racing to?"

Microsoft points in the distance, "You see that goal post over there? Whoever gets there the fastest wins."

Sony readies his stance, "Okay. LET'S GO. ON YOUR MARK....."

Microsoft quickly intervenes with a chuckle, "Now wait you guys. I'm gonna go first. I'll time you two after I've finished my run. This is the best way to do it."

Nintendo lets out a disappointed sigh, "Ah... well... okay. If you say so, boss."

Microsoft readies his stance

"Here I go boys, watch me fly" he says confidently.

Microsoft quickly dashes for the goal post.

A moment passes before Nintendo turns to Sony, "Hey, Sony. If he's suppose to be timing our runs, shouldn't we be timing his?"

Sony looks confused as he watches Microsoft continue down the field.

Sony shifts his head back to Nintendo, "Good point."

"Yeah, it is a good point," Nintendo quips.

Nintendo sprints down the field after Microsoft.

Sony, still confused, contemplates for a moment before shouting at Microsoft to come back.

"HEY, MICROSOFT... BUDDY!" he yells at the top his lungs.

"WE NEED YA TO COME BACK SO WE CAN TIME YOU!" he shouts out across the field.

Coming to the realization his words did not carry so well across the windy field, Sony readies his stance and starts to run.

Back on the field, Microsoft continues his sprint for the goal post, beginning to close in on it.

Microsoft hears an approaching thundering of footsteps from behind as he looks back to see Nintendo had nearly all but made up a 10 second deficit.

His eyes fixated on the goal post, Microsoft yells out "HEY NINTENDO! I TOLD YOU THE RULES, DIDN'T I?

Nintendo responds with a quick shout "We didn't have a watch to time you!"

Microsoft edges closer and closer to the goal post, "So what, you just thought you'd come try and catch me... beat me?"

Nintendo gains more ground on Microsoft, his legs starting to wobble.

Nintendo hits back, "Well... yeah... pretty much."

Microsoft grins with confidence, "HEY NINTENDO!"

Nintendo quickly belts out, "WHAT?"


Microsoft extends his arm to catch the goal post.


His fingers waving in the air, he can nearly feel it.


His arm catches the goal post as he crosses the finishing line, spinning himself around.

Nintendo nearly trips from the momentum as he follows Microsoft past the goal post.

Microsoft laughs out, "HAHA! YES!"

Nintendo is completely out of breath, he bends over holding his knees.

"Phew! That was a good race. I haven't felt alive like that in a long time." Microsoft admits.

"You're a fast runner, Nintendo. I don't think I would have won if--"

Nintendo quickly interrupts, "How did you win? I clearly got here faster than you did."

Microsoft smirks, "Well, you remember the rules. Whoever gets here the fastest wins."

"That would be me." Nintendo replies.

"Oh yeah? Prove it." says Microsoft. "I got here first, even Sony saw it..."

"Sony knows you had a head start, he knows I got here faster than you did." Nintendo says as his voice angers in tone.

"Well let's just ask Sony then, shall we?" says a smug Microsoft.

Nintendo and Microsoft peer down the open field, not a single person in sight.

"Where is he anyway?" says a puzzled Nintendo.

A voice rings out from the far right of the goal post "GUYS! HEY GUYS!!!"

They both quickly cock their heads to the side, bewildered as to why Sony would be over on the wrong side of the field.

Sony's arms flail in the wind as he shouts out to them, "I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!!"

Sony approaches the goal post.

Microsoft quizzes him, "Where have you been? We needed you. We've had a dispute."

Sony beams out with a smile, "I ran inside for a stop watch! Who's ready to race!?"