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Pay attention.
(12-13-2013, 02:14 AM)


	Hardware LTD		Mario 3D Sales		Attach Ratio

GCN	   2.120.000		       350.000		16.5%
Wii	   6.000.000		     1.120.000		18.7%
Wii U	 ~ 1.550.000		       215.000		13.9%
Thanks to Captain Smoker for compiling the data.

Points that Nintendo need to address.

Why the fuck is the attach rate so low. Surely right now only the most hardcore Nintendo fans are buying the console and that should mean ultra high adoption rates for big first party titles like SM3DW aimed specifically at hardcore players.

I expected SM3DW to have an attach rate of around 25% because the type of buyer that currently owns Wii U. This is a shock, even to me and I'm pretty down on Nintendo.

I don't know where they go from here if even 3D Mario isn't able to shit software units to the current owner base.