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(01-18-2008, 05:49 AM)
From the Decision 08 article in this month's EGM and our resident genius analyst (see the prediction thread :lol)

(Also please, see my questions below)

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I think the Wii momentum will last until the Playstation 3 is under $300, so another year

Add in

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2008is definitely Sony's year. And I'd throw Grand Theft Auto IV into the mix, given that it's considered a PS2 owner's [franchise]. Also, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue should sell some consoles...


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I think Microsoft's first party lineup is weakning, but I think that exclusiveslike Splinter Cell: Conviction will keep them going for another year. They also have the resources to sign third party exclusives.

The other 2 interviewees were much higher on Wii, lower on PS3 and more moderately positive on the 360. However, I am interested in 3 things from you guys.

1) Will lower 360 and PS3 prices blunt the advantage the Wii has, or is pricing the smaller of the 2 main advantages it has? (innovative controls)

2) Of the 3 consoles, which console do you think stands to gain the most in 2008? PS3 can't do any worse than it did in 2007, so by default it has an advantage, but GTA IV on 360 might be an incredibly damaging title to the PS3 (exclusive content, better sales)

3) First Party-wise 360 is WAYYYY down. That would lead one to believe that they are going to sign at least 2 pretty big third part publishers to commit some big titles to them. Assuming it's not GTA IV, MGS, or FF, what would you guess would be next in line? What titles would help the 360 the most and fit in with their goals for 2008?