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(12-19-2013, 08:48 PM)
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Just had an amazing chat with an EA support rep regarding the China Rising PS3 to PS4 crossover.

Chat Transcript
info: Your approximate wait time is 0 minute.
info: You are now ready to chat with Mohit.
Mohit: Thanks for contacting EA Customer Experience, my name is Mohit. How may I assist you today?
you: Hi
Mohit: Hello.
Mohit: How may I help you today?
you: I upgraded my PS3 disc version of BF4 to the PS4 version via PSN but it hasn't carried over the free China Rising expansion. Can you help?
Mohit: I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I'll do my best to address your concern.
you: Thank you
Mohit: I would like to tell you that when you upgraded the ps3 version to ps4 then the china rising will not come along with it on your ps4.
Mohit: So please you have to purchase the new china rising dlc for the ps4.
you: That's hardly clear in the upgrade path. I doubt I will bother buying Premium now. That seems very underhand to make a loyal customer pay twice.
Mohit: Not buy the premium just buy the china rising dlc to play the dlc.
Mohit: Trust me had it been possible then I will definitely done it for you.
you: I understand that but I will not be doing so. I think it's disgraceful to pay for DLC I got free for preordering as a loyal BF player.
Mohit: Yes you will get it on the ps3 but as you said that you upgraded the ps3 disc version to ps4 so it will not come along with it.
Mohit: I am really very sorry for that.
Mohit: But As a token of appreciation I would like to provide you the 15%discount coupon code which will help in your next purchase of the game.
Mohit: This was your 15%discount coupon code:DRBB-3JL6-xxxx-GU8F-xxxx
you: I doubt I'll be buying anything to do with Battlefield from now as I'll be trading BF4 in immediately but thanks for your offer.
Mohit: Your welcome.
Mohit: I understand your felling how annoying is this.
you: Please feedback to your company that for penny pinching over 12.79 of DLC they've lost a Premium Customer who spends close to £100 a year on BF plus Premium.
Mohit: And I am really very sorry for the disappointment that cause to you.
you: It'll cause more disappointment to your company's shareholders when people vote with their wallets. Thanks for your time.
Mohit: I apologize for the trouble.
Mohit: Your welcome.
Mohit: It's been a pleasure to assist you. I would like to thank you for contacting EA Support and wish you a good Time. Please don't hesitate to contact us again in the future.
Mohit: Nice to chat with you.
Mohit: Have a nice day.
Mohit: Take care.
Mohit: Bbye.

Absolutely epic customer service by EA. I can't support that. Bye bye BF4.