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Thank you to Chubigans for the custom banner. One of my favorites!


This week tanod has allowed me to post in his stead while he is away. (See his post here to that effect.) It's a workday for me, but I will check in every few hours to make updates to the top post. I will try to make sure everything is summarized by 7PM (U.S. Eastern Time).

Since the DMC4 demo is up now in Japan, it's probably appropriate to remind people:
-Help on creating a Japan Store account. Alternate guide here.

If you guys can help with details, that would be great. As you confirm information in your respective territories, I'll try to add to the top post, with appropriate credit.

In lieu of making the thread a couple weeks ago for the UK and JPN content that went up, tanod did a comprehensive (minus DLC and trailers) list of everything that went up in the U.S. from launch up until the last update of 2007. He also included a detailed feature list of all of the PSN games, a Japanese PS1 game list and a list of all the demos available.
In case you missed it: PSN Content 2007 - "almost" Comprehensive List

-Japanese content is up now.
-Europe content is not up.
-North America content is not up.

-According to a post on Kotaku, United States PSN Cards are starting to appear in stores. However, after checking today, I have not been able to find any place online that sells them.
-According to Sony, there will be no firmware update in January. :(


United States/Canada

-Devil May Cry 4 Demo (639Mb) - free
-The Club Demo (1.70Gb) - free
-PixelJunk Monsters (59.3Mb) - $7.99 (limited time price) [thanks, steve]
-Jet Moto 2 (PS1 game, 115Mb) - $5.99 [thanks, reminder and steve]

-Folklore™ Create-a-Creature Winner Add-On - free [thanks, reminder and steve]
-Stranglehold™ Map Pack Add-On (445Mb) - $14.99 [thanks, reminder and steve]
-Stranglehold™ Collector's Edition Map Pack Add-On (445Mb) - $14.99 [thanks, reminder and steve]
-Need for Speed™ ProStreet Extender Pack Premium Car Bundle #1 (110Kb)- $5.99 [thanks, reminder and steve]
-Need for Speed™ ProStreet Extender Pack Premium Car Bundle #2 (110Kb) - $5.99 [thanks, reminder and steve]

Rock Band:
-Oasis Pack - $5.49 (YouTube links)
("Don't Look Back in Anger", "Live Forever", "Wonderwall")
-Individual songs - $1.99

Guitar Hero 3:
-Classic Rock Track Pack - $6.25
("Peace of Mind", "Jukebox Hero", "Any Way You Want It")

-Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Stevie Williams' Skater Profile [thanks, reminder]
-Soul Calibur IV Trailer [thanks, steve]
-Lost Planet Promotional Movie [thanks, steve]
-Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Trailer [thanks, steve]
-Dynasty Warriors 6 Trailer [thanks, steve]
-Borderlands Trailer [thanks, steve]
-Step Up 2: The Streets Trailer [thanks, steve]
-Dragon Wars Trailer [thanks, steve]

-PixelJunk Monsters Theme
-Lemmings Theme

United Kingdom

-PixelJunk Monsters (4,99€) [thanks, ram]
-Judge Dredd (PS1 game, £3.49 or 4,99€) [thanks, ram and MadFuzzy]
-Syphon Filter: Combat Ops (PSP game, £6.99) [thanks MadFuzzy]


-Civilization Revolution [thanks, ram]

-CoD4 Theme [thanks, ram]


-Devil May Cry 4 Demo (640Mb)
-Sega Rally Revo Demo [thanks, kay]
-PixelJunk Monsters Demo

Agarest Senki ero - 300 yen [thanks, kay]

Bionic Commando [thanks, kay]



-Hot Shots Golf 5 - January

PSN Games:
Released in the US and still to come for Europe:
-Blast Factor: Advanced Research
-Flow Expansion Pack
-High Velocity Bowling
-Riff: Everyday Shooter
-Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
-Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
Other early 2008 games
-Bionic Commando: Rearmed
-Commando 3
-Dark Mist
-Echo Chrome
-Rocketman: Axis of Evil
-Rat Race
-Soldner X
-Super Street Fighter 2 HD Turbo Hyper-Fighting, etc.
-Wipeout HD


-Heavenly Sword theme
-Killzone 2 theme
-Manga theme
-MotorStorm theme
-Retro theme
-Snakeball theme
-SingStar theme

-Dark Mist - 800 yen
-Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - 4500 yen
-Mainichi Issho - full game - free
-PixelJunk Monsters demo - free
-Current Japanese PS1 game list - 600 yen each
-Go! Sports Ski demo
-Heavenly Sword - "Kai" demo
-G1 Jockey 4 2007 demo
-Imabikisou demo
-Record of Agarest demo
-XI[sai] - PS1 game demo
-Yakuza 3 demo
-Mainicchi Issho themes (2 of them)

PSN Content 01/17/08 (Blast Factor Bundle, Mesmerize: Trace (PSEye), Tori-Emaki (PSEye); Turok and FIFA Street 3 demos; MotorStorm and RB DLC)
PSN Content 01/10/08 (Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1) game; Kane and Lynch and Super Stardust HD demos; Folklore, NFS and RB DLC)
PSN Content 01/03/08 (NFL Tour '09 demo; NFS: PS, Rock Band and GH3 DLC)
PSN Content 12/20/07 (Snakeball, Toy Home, Warhawk (PS1), Trials of Topoq, and Mesmerize: Distort games; Snakeball and Blacksite: Area 51 demos; WarHawk expansion, Folklore, Poker, RB and GH DLC)
PSN Content 12/13/07 (Burnout: Paradise demo; HVBowling, RB and NFS DLC; GT5: Prologue game - JPN)
PSN Content 12/06/07 (High Velocity Bowling game; Wild Arms (PS1); Timeshift MP demo; Folklore, Rock Band, PAIN, and Motor Storm DLC; new themes)
PSN Content 11/29/07 (PAIN game; Oblivion: Shivering Isles expansion; GH3 and Rock Band DLC)
PSN Content 11/22/07 (Aquatopia and Operation: CF PS Eye games; MX vs. ATV demo; flOw, NFS: ProStreet and Rock Band DLC)
PSN Content 11/15/07 (Blazing Angels 2 and Toy Home demos)
PSN Content 2007 - "almost" Comprehensive List (includes Japanese PS1 games)

-NeoGAF Official PS3 Custom Theme Thread (Lots of cool stuff, Send your thanks to m0dus and the other contributors)
-The link to access the PS Store for the PSP.

Contained in "PSN Content 2007 - 'almost' Comprehensive List" thread

FIRMWARE UPDATES: (all contain BC updates)
12/17/07 - 2.10 (DIVX and WMV codec support, BD 1.1 support, voice modulation, PS1 games playable via remote play)
11/19/07 - 2.01 (Stability and bug fixes for issues with 2.00)
11/07/07 - 2.00 (New options for sorting Trailers and Games, Playlist support for Photos and Music, trailers from the store can be watched while they are still downloading, Store and browser are both much quicker, Browser has new flash version, Info board)
10/23/07 - 1.94 (Included on R&C disk - enables Dual Shock 3 support)
09/12/07 - 1.93 (Fix for Warhawk and PSN connection issues)
09/03/07 - 1.92 (Quicker XMB loading, web browser improvements, bug fixes)
07/23/07 - 1.90 (XMB Backgrounds, CD upsampling, can change PS1/PS2 video settings in-game, XMB game list sorting)
06/27/07 - 1.82
06/13/07 - 1.81 (fixed "full" option not sticking on RGB)
05/23/07 - 1.80 (PSX/PS2/DVD Upscaling, DNLA streaming, BLU-RAY 720p, Memory Card adapter functionality improved)
04/18/07 - 1.70 (Rumble for PS1/PS2, PS1 downloads playable on PS3)
03/22/07 - 1.60 (BG downloading, Folding@Home, Europe BC Enabled)


Setting some expectations for my listing of PSP Store content. I will only post the PSP list after it gets posted on the PS blog. I'm not going to track content outside of the U.S. nor am I going to track upcoming releases. It's simply way beyond what I have time for. If somebody else wants to start keeping track of that, feel free.

The last update for the PSP store was on January 10th.