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Yuna resurrects him using pyreflies, however it seems that if Tidus realizes what he is, he'll disappear (whether that means off to the Farplane, or from existence I'm not sure). It seems overall this explaination wasn't explained too well so it could be off the mark. This could explain though why she's seeming cold towards him in the audio drama.

Oh, she's also rather disagreeable in the novel as well, even before the bomb (i.e. right after his return)...

A lot of the Japanese readers seem more upset that it was such an opposite tone to what the perfect ending in X-2 was, and the aformentioned gore and sexuality present.

But we find out how Fayths are made!
Sex. Of course.

But wait, does that mean...
Jecht: *raises hand excitedly* Fine, I'll do it! Someone's got to save the world. I'll have sex with the half-naked lady.
Yunalesca: Oh, you misunderstand...
Braska: *cough*
Jecht: Eh? (´・ω・`)

And boy, was that Bahamut Fayth precocious...