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(12-31-2013, 05:35 PM)
Pretty cool

343 Industries surprised my Dad with an awesome custom gift

So a few months back I posted my Dad's Halo 2/3/4/Reach service record on reddit. It got a little attention and a lot of nice words of encouragement for my Dad (who's almost 60 years old). Andy Dudynsky from 343 Industries send me a PM saying thanks for my Dad's dedication and that he'd like to send him something to show their appreciation.
He asked a few questions like what's my Dad's favorite multiplayer level, fave weapon, fave Halo version. Using that info he put together a custom framed artwork of my Dad's favorite level, Ragnarok. He also typed up a nice letter to my Dad and it explains the artwork. Oh and he threw in four 12 month xbox live subscription cards.

Here's the album of the artwork and letter. Huge thanks to Andy and the rest of the 343 Industries guys and gals for putting this together for him. We gave it to him for Christmas and the smile on his face says it all.

Oh and here's the video of my Dad's reaction to opening the package.

Frag on!!!