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(01-07-2014, 10:05 PM)
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Sega system fans rejoice!

Project Christine is basically a very cool-looking rack into which gamers can slot any combination of modules including GPU, CPU, memory, and more, which will automatically sync. These modules have built-in liquid cooling and noise cancellation and require no cables. The modules could potentially be sold by Razer or third parties, but the company hasn't planned that far. The computer can also run multiple operating systems.

If gamers respond well, Razer will start working on bringing Project Christine to market. Min-Liang has no idea when that might be. But based on Razer's past, we could be looking at a product release before too long.

while i'd argue modern day pc building is already almost like legos, hopefully these modules provide enough feedback to fix the biggest nag of pc building, when something is broke and you have no clue what (and you have to go through the slow arduous process of taking 1 thing out at a time and testing).