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You probably know what this is if you've ever thought about taking a screenshot of Dark Souls that doesn't look like mush.
DSFix can....

* Force a higher rendering resolution
* Enable SSAO
* Unlock 30 FPS limit
* Enable custom textures (find texture mods here)
* Toggle the HUD
* Pause the game (timestop)
* Make you beautiful and rich beyond your wildest dreams

Stop by the GAF thread for troubleshooting. Or just to pay homage to Durante.

Free Camera - Cheat Engine table for latest steam version
(FOR USE ONLY IN OFFLINE MODE, you cheating sad-sack)

1. Run the game. Get to the main menu.
2. Open the table and click "yes" when asked to run the LUA script (or click "no" and manually point to DATA.exe)
3. Click the box next to "DISABLE Xlive Cheat Detection" and wait for the X to appear (will take a second or two)
4. Click [Enable Main Table]
5. Go back to the game

Using the free camera:

Page up \ Page Down = Enable \ Disable
Numpad 8 and 2 = Increase \ Decrease Y coordinate
Numpad 6 and 4 = Increase \ Decrease X coordinate
Numpad 9 and 3 = Increase \ Decrease Z coordinate

Coordinates can be tricky since they're not based on where you're facing.
-> When the game is not paused, your character can run around. Camera rotation can be handled via joystick or mouse (yuck)
-> When the game is timestopped, you must use arrow keys to rotate the camera. You'll get used to it.

Numpad 0 = Enable FOV override
Numpad (+) and (-) = Increase \ Decrease

Other stuff
* The CE table is full of just about everything under the sun. To make things easier, you can enable a ton of different cheats.
* Expand [Hero's Stats] to modify.... your stats. You can give yourself a floppityjillion souls, too.
* Expand [Misc Stuff] to force Human state (change hollow visual to 0, hollow state to 1)
* You can change your bonfire location (where you spawn after you die) too. Find the values by enabling [Toggle Table Info Window]
* You can change your equipped items to anything in the game. To swap out gear, expand [Equipped Item values] and replace the Value for the slot you want replaced with the ID of the item you want. Here is a spreadsheet that has all the IDs of every piece of gear in the game.

There's a ton in there and I haven't seen\used it all. Look around. Experiment. Assign hotkeys to things you use more frequently.

Handy DSfix commands to make screenshotting easier
These are the hotkeys I use when playing\screenshotting DSfix. They go in DSfixKeys.ini

toggleAA VK_F2
toggleDofGauss VK_F3
toggleVSSAO VK_F4
reloadGAUSSEffect VK_F5
reloadSSAOEffect VK_F6
toggleBorderlessFullscreen VK_F8
togglePaused VK_F9
toggleCursorVisibility VK_F12
takeHudlessScreenshot VK_0

togglePaused - Pauses the game. You can stop the action and get a really neat, dynamic combat shot... or just explore a frozen word via freecam without fear of certain death.
toggleHUD - HUD toggle. Very complex, this feature. It toggles the HUD on and off.
reloadSSAOEffect - Turning this off during gameplay improves performance a TON. So I find it best to leave it off and enable it for screenshots. I'd love to have it on all the time but with a rendering resolution of 6400x3600...... yeah no.
toggleAA - If somehow SMAA actually impacts your performance at all, disable this for a few extra frames. But turn it back on for the mind-boggling difference SMAA makes. I can't make this any more sarcastic sounding so I'll leave it at that.
reloadGAUSSEffect - If you decide to play with the gauss shader in DSfix (see below), you can use this to reload your changes.

Playing with the gauss shader

Open "dsfix\GAUSS.fx"
What you want to tweak is
static const float sampleWeights[3]
static const float sampleOffsets[3]

sampleWeights determines the strength of the DoF and it's somehow connected with the ingame hdr power so when you raise the values you can get bright DoF.
sampleOffsets controls the DoF "spread" so when you raise the values you get more a blurry background.

You should raise them (all 3 values) minimally though so as to avoid overbights and artifacts. Also raise / lower them proportionally more or less, no need to be super precise.

Capturing screenshots with SweetFX in their original resolution
Example capture straight from SweetFX (converted to JPG)

This is tricky. Normally SweetFX captures screenshots at whatever resolution you set for presentWidth \ presentHeight. To capture the render resolution with SweetFX, you to set up your config files like such:



renderWidth 7680
renderHeight 4320

presentWidth 0
presentHeight 0

borderlessFullscreen 0
forceWindowed 1


WindowMode = 1
Width = 7680
Height = 4320
Obviously you don't need to use the same resolution I am.

How to get fancy with aspect ratios
Crop your screenshots. This game hates you.