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Ask me about my dream Kill la Kill game. It's going to be stylish. And totally unauthorized by my employer, who I am not representing.
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Originally Posted by Nillansan

That is really unfortunate, but Atsushi Inaba has at least expressed interest in bringing their titles to PC.

So taking one tweet out of context, especially from that Shredder dude, who I eventually had to block, is pretty flamebaitey, so I'm popping into this thread.

I was the one that pushed for our team to visit Valve, and I have been the one pestering the MGR PC producer with everyone's comments to make sure people are aware of the PC audience. Push comes to shove, I am probably one of the biggest PC advocates at Platinum.

I would love to see Vanquish and Bayonetta on PC.
I don't think anyone who put their heart and soul into that game thinks differently. The more people who play our games and leave with a smile, the merrier.

My point on twitter is that, personally, I want to focus on creating new things. That is what I love. And I want people to support the new things. The new ideas. If you wake up every day excited to make something new, it is hard to look at twitter when all the tweets make it feel like people want you to just remake something old.

I wrote a much longer post about how I think we should all focus on supporting new content, but I realized that I want to have faith in you all. I hope that you put an equal amount of energy and love into supporting all that we do, not just pushing for PC ports of PG games. Bayonetta 2 or W101 are amazing experiences and deserve your passion and support. Tons of games on Kickstarter are new experiences, not just the nostalgia projects that get the big numbers, and they deserve your support. New IPs all start somewhere and the big publishers need to know that "Shut up and take my money" applies to the new stuff even more than the old stuff or yearly sequels.

Are we cool now?