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(01-28-2014, 11:04 AM)
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Been messing around with A* Pathfinding Project, a pretty awesome tool for getting some pathfinding up and running (since none is included in the free version of Unity). Very easy to use, and the results are pretty cool. Here's a little GIF of a test scene I made:

The scene is scanned by the tool to create a grid of walkable and non-walkable areas, and then I basically just tell each little "guy" (which I continuously spawn at the red dome) to find his way to the target location at the center of the green dome. That they don't all take the optimal route is intentional - by default they do, but you can add a penalty to taking a path that has already been taken to make the pathfinding behavior a little more random and fun.

What the tool shows in the editor while the "game" is running:

Haven't done anything real with this yet, but from seeing what it can do with so little effort I think it could be used for some cool stuff.