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(02-04-2014, 11:32 PM)
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Very interesting Kojima interview in the issue. Basically talks about how he got into gaming and how he is stuck being the Metal Gear guy. He claims he does not want to be known as that man, he claims he doesnt have much time left cause he is 50 so he wants to write a list of all he wants to do before he dies and make sure he does it which includes writing a novel and making a movie.

He claims he likes simple stories, ironically. He said he always tries to make a simple story. He says he wont let series canon hinder him from telling the story he wants so if he has to contradict a few things he will.

There was a comparison of him and James Cameron with Aliens where that franchise was handed off after Alien and it was successful. Kojima said his situation is more like Terminator where if he left it would become a mess. He claims he has had no success in passing the torch which implies he has tried. There is a lot about Japanese culture and how he doesn't relate to any Japanese developers anymore except Platinum Games.

What I found most interesting is his talk about GTA and Konami. Remember that GTA tweet about how amazing an open world it was and how he was jealous. Well he says he is jealous of Rockstar that they are able to pump all their resources into making the game they desire. He says he can't do that, he still needs to work with Konami and partner on different projects and make sure things are balanced for Konami as a whole.

He says he just got into Breaking Bad and he is pissed cause he wasnt the one to come up with that story, he wants to tell that kind of story. He says if he pitched a story like that to Konami they would probably say no. He also loved Gravity, loved how simple it was and he says trying to create a game that simple would be hard with Konami. He says that movie really impacted him, making something out of the ordinary a big success and is jealous of it as a creator, says it stirred something in him.

He talks about how he is close friends with Guillermo Del Toro, says he would like to work with him one day.