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Dario ff
(02-05-2014, 12:15 AM)
Well I said that after 2-3 weeks if this game didn't get a patch I'd just release my patcher (been done for weeks already), so here you go. In case you don't want to use a program, you can always just apply the manual patching for the latest version with these addresses. Keep in mind this will only work for the latest version of the game (The first patched version), so if they do any further updates this tool will be useless until re-done (I'm hoping they add proper resolution support with the next patch anyway).

Download here. (Updated as of 04/17/14) This should make a backup of your exe before patching on the same folder if it doesn't exist yet, but feel free to make one of your own just in case.

Few things to note.
  • Weird behaviour with shadowmaps at very high resolutions. It's probably related to VRAM usage?
  • You have to re-select the resolution each time you boot up the game. It's annoying, but it's due to the way the game tries to autodetect the resolution on the display list it should use. (i.e., if you use 1600x900 and boot up in that resolution, the game will try to cap it to the next lowest resolution, 1366x768)
  • Might not work in fullscreen if you don't have the display mode available due to this game requesting the refresh rate of it.
  • If you have 1440p available on your display modes yet you have a 1080p monitor over HDMI, using this hack will actually fix the 24/50hz bug as a side-effect because 60 HZ will be the only mode for 1440p by default. The new patch has rendered this trick useless, as it now detects the first refresh rate based on the desktop resolution with any mode selected.
  • Should work fine in Windowed mode.

Don't forget to check out my other mod as well if you want for removing the grain filter.