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Originally Posted by Darkmakaimura

Wait, you'll find out from your boss if it did retcon events?

No, I'll find out from my boss if I revealed too much!

Originally Posted by Darkmakaimura

So was this even known at all by someone, say, big fans of the series like Mama Robotnik?

No, MR doesn't know the game's story in full.

Originally Posted by Darkmakaimura

Even if it did retcon certain things, it's arguable. Again, reboot is defined as restarting a story or franchise. Hence, a reboot would be a new "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain" for example. Even retcons don't usually imply a reboot. More often than not, it means whatever's been retconned (and I doubt Dead Sun retconned all or even most of the LoK games) is no longer considered part of that continuity.

But I've already more than provided multiple clear examples of why Dead Sun is not a reboot so with that, I think I'm done talking (derailing perhaps) about this.

Maybe in-continuity retcon is a more appropriate definition... like I said, whatever J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek movies are, it was similar in definition to those.

Originally Posted by Snapshot King

So were this to be a gigantic commercial failure, whats the likelyhood of whoever's idea it was losing their job, or at least not being allowed to make these decisions in the future? How does an F2P game like this become a failure exactly, not managing to recoup costs?

I have no idea I'm afraid, I'm not a Producer.

Originally Posted by Snapshot King

Just wait until the gameplay reveal of the Soul Reaver power up.

N-n-n-n-n-n-never gonna happen.