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(07-23-2017, 08:25 AM)

Originally Posted by CSX

recently got a psvr and bought superhot vr. Loving it but everytime i need to turn sideways, the camera loses the locations of my move controllers. Is the only way to fix this is figuring out a way to angle the camera downward on a high spot on a wall?

I think you'd get a better response asking in the PSVR thread. While Superhot was originally a PCVR game, that has little to do with the hardware limitations of a given platform. I know a higher position is more occlusion resistant for the Rift sensors and the Vive's Lighthouses, but whether it would help for PSVR or just make matters worse due to increased tracking distance I can't say. PSVR is a rather different animal from the PCVR solutions.