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(07-24-2017, 10:20 PM)
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Played a few levels of Serious Sam The First Encounter.

I really like it, first I tested the 3 different locomotion mechanics, which come down to basically 2 different forms of teleportation and regular movement.
Maybe it's tweakable but I feel like the teleportation methods are too slow, they work fine but the rate you are moving along is rather slow when you hold the touchpad down and rapidly clicking the touchpad makes you faster but I feel like wearing out the touchpad of the controller that way.
So I stuck to regular movement and it works great for me (as I'm nearly immune to motionsickness in general).
With the speed you move around in this game it feels comparable to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (PC version with mouse & k-board), very fast, constant action. This is something I started to appreciate in recent times, I did not in the past.

Playing on normal doesn't give me much problems, only died a few times, I'll have to see if later levels get more difficult and I have to turn it down.
Strange remark: The music of the jungle level with the waterfalls (moon mountains) has a nice rythmic tribal beat to it, when the level started I was beginning to slightly dance and then dance and shoot through the level, both at the same time which was quite enjoyable because it was actually possible to do on normal difficulty. Must have looked weird for the huge scorpion monsters and stampeding skelletons in the game, a dancing guy shooting rockets and bullets left and right lol