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Originally Posted by DrROBschiz

He gets a pass since we now have Odin to beef up his capabilities and he still commands massive ATK.

Plus his TM is amazing

For me I don't like things I have to sac their own shit to do damage or heal. That's why Alma sucks. I think it's her LB that she loses HP to heal others or something. She sucks anyway. Dumb rock thrower. (Only redeeming reason to keep her is for Trust. Then dump her like a bad habit once you get it.)

Alkez, I hear that. XY was okay. ORAS actually made me like R/S. Before then R/S was my most hated gen. I beat Sun a while back. Caught all legendaries and Ultra Beasts recently. Finishing up Living Dex via it. Then going to start Moon and get the legendaries and UBs from it. And the few Pokemon for Dex. (Yeah I could GTS it or WT but it's cool, I'll go catch them myself.) Sun got day 1 because husband said I should play it despite not being overly interested in this gen. Or I should say hyped. Moon was for Christmas. I'll have played and beat them both and move on. And don't worry. Online BLOWWWWWWS. Last gen had better online (despite losing communication tools for online trading with B/W.) Now you can only be online in one specific area. So you can't play and wait for someone to get online or do random trades for fun.