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(06-20-2010, 07:58 AM)
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Originally Posted by C4Lukins

The problem with that is, both Kinect and Move seem like they are going to be bundled with premium versions of the systems. I think for them to have any chance they need to be included with the cheaper versions of the consoles, or with every single console starting with their release. If they cannot do that and at least maintain the pricing they have now upon release, then they maybe have six months to get their shit together before they just become another EyeToy that appeals to a certain demographic, but does not really expand their market.

Move does seem to be the better option as of right now for the hardcore gamer, so maybe they are more likely to adopt it, while Kinect seems like it would demo much better to the Oprah audience but is giving very few reasons for the hardcore to adopt it. I hope they can make both of them work for both audiences.

Yeah, like I just posted in another thread, I really think should keep the current Arcade SKU around because they can easily bundle that system with Kinect priced at $200 and sell a lot based just on the value. I don't really care if they never make anything for the Kinect or Move that I care about, honestly. I worry a lot more that there will be a handful of games I end up interested in, compelling me to invest in something I'm not thrilled about, after which I'll be left with something I don't particularly care for. Not to start any trouble or anything, but I was starting to feel that way about the Wii. While the system itself has been more or less redeemed, the Balance Board has not been, and I still don't have a Motion Plus for that very reason.