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(05-27-2012, 08:33 AM)
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Pretty terrible quality like most leaks, but about 8 minutes of gameplay. Rest is some super weird stuff, referencing Halo leaks of old. Also he may or not be in a barn.

Gameplay starts about 2 minutes in, and the music is NSFW so turn down your speakers. But if you're at home, I fully suggest listening to the music.

And without further adieu, I present the weirdest (best?) leak ever. I recommend starting from the beginning if you want the true, director's cut experience:

Thanks to Cyren for finding the video!


5/28 Update, new screenshots leaked. Thanks to Juan and Over for posting them!

5/30 update, More screens. Thanks again to Overdoz1z

5/31 update, New leaked video. Thanks Spider_Jerusalem! Here's some Screencaps that TheOddOne took from the video.