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(11-14-2017, 11:29 PM)
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Originally, I had my 1TB Xbox one vanilla at 44% full. I downloaded lotís of updates and every disc that I had a play through with required 6 - 8 GB updates except for Gears of War Ultimate Edition. By the time all these updates finished I was looking at 64% out of 780 GB taken up on the internal storage. Of the few digital games I have, the only game that required a patch for 4K was KI. Quantum Break I have on disc and that one took the cake with a 40GB patch. Overall, not as bad as I thought however I feel for you if most of your games are digital. Thatís not taking into account if GoW:U or Unity receive any 4K content updates.

I wished the Xbox went with a 1TB SSHD for performance or at least design the storage to be user accessible. We paid 500 USD for the ultimate version of the Xbox, and I feel at that price we should of allowed to take it further. I donít like having the Xbox with a external drive attached to it. A state of the art device with a cheap WD Mybook Essentials attached to it...