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(05-20-2017, 03:57 PM)
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I'm really glad to live in the universe where Twin Peaks Season 3 actually happened, Lynch and Frost did every episode, they even got twice as many episodes as they were originally supposed to get (originally they only got the greenlight for 9 episodes and a lower budget, but managed to secure 18 episodes and a much bigger budget), and even got most of the cast to return (there's a few notable admissions, some unavoidable due to deaths, but it's impressive how many of the original cast they did manage to get back), I'm really happy this all managed to work out somehow, especially considering it almost didn't happen.

I'm excited for this both on the front that this new season is the third season of Twin Peaks, but also the first proper film-type thing (it's a TV series, but Lynch and cast have emphasized it's shot like an 18-hour movie) that Lynch has done in ages. I'm also happy that it seems all those involved had a great time making it, the actors seem enthusiastic and Lynch said making this third season was one of the favorite things he's ever done.

I also am incredibly open to whatever comes on tomorrow. Like they have kept us so in the dark I'm not really sure what I should be expecting. I'm kind of expecting this may be closer to Fire Walk With Me than the original series, but that's only based on loose things that they've said and I don't really know. I'm perfectly fine with that. Take me wherever Lynch, the original series is my favorite TV show of all time but I'm open to whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

One things for sure, whatever it is we're probably in for one wild ride.