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Originally Posted by PolishQ

Great job on the OP! Subscribing.

Are we all agreed that spoiler tags should be used for parts 3 & 4 until they officially air on the 28th?

And yeah, discussed this in the previous Twin Peaks thread, but to everyone this is important:

When Parts 1 & 2 air on television, discuss them here with unmarked spoilers all you like, BUT please mark all Part 3 & 4 spoilers until the parts air next week. Parts 3 & 4 will become available on-demand services as soon as the first two parts are done live airing,
but parts 3 & 4 will air next weekend so anyone who watches the on-demand versions please mark spoiler tag all discussion of anything that happens in parts 3 & 4 for others who are waiting for the broadcast release.