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Originally Posted by D-X

GAF has changed its tune with Naka. First he was all shit, now he's a saviour... fickle, uninformed GAF.

I would hazard a guess that he meant a smaller team with less pressure and more development time would create better quality titles.

There is no GAF Collective. People are not all of one mind on anything here.

My consistent position has always been that Naka was a talented, creative, and productive developer who shares a great deal of responsibility for creating a number of original and excellent games, but that he was not good in the role of overall developmental overseer, executive producing and managing large numbers of projects. Most of the stuff he gets trashed over comes from that era, when he wasn't even making games.

When he was put in that role, right as Sega was beginning its sharpest decline, he gave the okay to lots and lots of poor Sonic games and that was bad for the brand, bad for his team's reputation, and bad for Sega. And he didn't manage overall resources too well and yeah, there were personal conflicts. I'll readily concede he was a poor businessman and showrunner. But he's a great dev and that's why I'm pleased to see him back into the hands' on development role and looking forward to seeing what he does.