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Originally Posted by Sega1991

Like Naka did while he was still at Sega, right? You forget - he was the one who basically gave the first presentation of the Sonic 2006 abomination.

I don't trust this guy. I've heard he's egotistical and xenophobic. He has been responsible for getting people to quit working at Sonicteam because of his attitude.

Pretty much.

The very reason Artoon exists in the first place was because Naka went all diva, and systematically kicked out the likes of Naoto Oshima and others because he thought they were of no use to him, even though they had more of a say in how Sonic became who he was in the 90s than Naka did, himself.

I suppose I can look forward to seeing if maybe Naka has changed up his act in his time away from the spotlight, but I'm not expecting any miracles. Billy Hatcher was the last game he got to create on his own artistic merit, am I correct?