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(10-13-2017, 08:42 AM)
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Yooka Laylee is a really really bad game. Clunky design, unappealing aesthetic (although that's subjective) and overall just a failed Banjo clone.

A Hat in Time is a really really good game. Heavily inspired by 3D mario games but with lots of other good game design in there and other inspirations (The hat abilities/switching remind me a lot of Majora's Mask). Personally I always disliked being ejected from the world a la the 3D mario games, but Hat in Time justifies it with how radical the worlds change each scenario, and also thematically presenting the world in chapters and general storybook feel.

Yooka Laylee devs are seemingly good people who did a good thing in removing someone from their game that said things they disagreed with

A Hat in Time devs are questionable in that they did not do the above and have not commented one way or the other.

That's pretty much the only things you need to factor. You aren't a better or worse person no matter how you decide. Whatever things are important to you, base your decision on that. Don't let people give you crap for caring more about any of the above points than any other.

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