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(10-13-2017, 03:54 PM)
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Originally Posted by Listonosh

so based on these responses, people would pay money to play a legitimately mediocre game with bad mechanics, camera angles, etc, because of a removal of a voice actor, instead of paying money for what is currently reviewing as a more superior game? I totally get the jontron hate but that's still backwards to me

It could be the greatest 3D platforming game in the world but if it's gonna involve a racist like JonTron without the developers putting out a statement regarding this, then yeah I rather choose another game. Since OP mentioned either AHiT or YKL, the former is better reviewed but I feel more comfortable getting the latter...if it's coming down to just those two choices.

Me personally, I'd just wait until Super Mario Odyssey comes out later this month, provided if OP has a Switch.