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(10-13-2017, 04:00 PM)
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Originally Posted by ramoisdead

It could be the greatest 3D platforming game in the world but if it's gonna involve a racist like JonTron without the developers putting out a statement regarding this, then yeah I rather choose another game. Since OP mentioned either AHiT or YKL, the former is better reviewed but I feel more comfortable getting the latter...if it's coming down to just those two choices.

Me personally, I'd just wait until Super Mario Odyssey comes out later this month, provided if OP has a Switch.

Oh they still haven't said anything? Yikes. Bad call on their part.

Do we know the devs? Like is this their first time making a game ever? YL was ex Rare devs, so at least they've had experience working in this landscape and maybe it was just easier for them to make this change? I don't want to excuse Hat's devs by any means, but if it's some new dev who's never touched game design before this, it might make more sense? Do they have a PR team? My guess is no since they'd probably be all over that from day 1.

However, I think my statement still stands. I think I'd still rather pay for something I'd legitimately enjoy in the end.