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(02-18-2013, 08:57 PM)
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Originally Posted by TheJollyCorner

haven't they said for a while that Quantum Dream had multiple games in development post-Heavy Rain?

Obviously we know one is BEYOND for PS3, but a game based on the Kara video in production for PS4 wouldn't surprise me at all. That video was very conceptual for just an unrelated 'tech' demo.

We already know they're working on Singularity. That name was "leaked" even before we knew Beyond, but since january it's (almost) confirmed to be a ps4-project:

Quantic Dream has registered the domain name for, as spotted by Kotaku's sleuth Superannuation. In the past, Quantic Dream's domains such as and noted the studio's game titles followed by their platform. This suggests that Quantic Dream is planning to make a game called Singularity for the PlayStation 4. This also suggests that Sony's successor to the PS3 will indeed be called the PlayStation 4, rather than Orbis.