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Did they include hardcore (first-person only) servers in early access?

Cant say I've seen any option for it yet, no.

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Are we planning on creating a steam tag list in this thread or is there a discord server somewhere?

People seem to have just posted IDs but theres nothing stopping us from making a Discord group with EU/NA/Asia servers and such :3

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There was a performance boost with the EA release?
Do you think I could reach 60FPS with a 970?

There was, runs a lot better for me. You can hit 60fps for sure I would think tweaking some options :)

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Nice! You have a better CPU than me, but I'm pretty sure it'll work out fine.

BTW, is the game 30$ in the US? 30 Euro seems a little on the higher end and I wouldn't want to pay 30 Euro when the game costs 30$ normally...

Oh and how's the game for Squads? Would most likely play with some other people and I read there are 4 player squad modes...

Its $29.99, yeah.

There are 2 team modes.
Duo where its you and someone else, either a friend in your group or a random if youre not in a group. The other team mode is up to 4 players on a team, but if you queue alone its you VS groups of up to 4.

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Looking at the steam page it seems there are already negative reviews for the game, 20% of them are bad. It's been out for 20minutes and there are 14 negative reviews already. No idea what they actually say though as they're unreadable at the moment.

Pffft. Probably cause server issues logging in I guess. Already had a few matches with full 100 pop servers but after every one it asks me to reconnect. Ingame connectivity is fine.