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(03-23-2017, 06:49 PM)

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Yup. I mean they aren't wrong really. Game needs optimization but the team is aware of it as they have said it's there priority countless times in recent interviews.

Well performance is usually one of the last things to come, and with every patch they have improved it. If you read the negative reviews themselves its misinformation about the price point during the pre-order or people saying they cant connect to the server (whoopdiedoo) in addition to the "game runs bad" which is crazy to me as a 980 I'm getting between 70 and 120fps in Ultra texture and rest low to maximize FPS.

Like if you try to run at ultra, good luck without a beasty PC right now.
Still looks great too.

Originally Posted by Hip Hop

I can buy and try this out and refund just in case I don't like it, right?

Also, anyone have the size of the download? Thanks!

9GBish and yes, 2 hour refund window (playtime) or 2 weeks after purchase.