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(04-02-2013, 10:28 AM)
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Yeah, the laser barriers are amazingly annoying. Had to google how to properly get around them. First time I only ever saw people sliding through them but whenever I tried that I got hit. Then I just used the sword dash move get through but that only works if you have enough energy. Then I found out that you only need to kill the security cameras. Doesn't help that they sometimes appear just as you're about to go through a door.

Originally Posted by UnluckyKate

Solo is insanely hard.

Squad is too fast (people run, other get lost) and it's incredibly long and boring to grind for better loot.

Sure it's pretty and stylish but the fun goes away after shooting stuff in the same room over and over again. I played a lot of the beta but won't try boot the game until lot of more content is added

I agree that solo is absurdly hard and I can definitely see that content will become a problem soonish. The problem I'm having is that most people I play with are really bad at the game. I usually play with a friend and in almost every game we play we do account for over 70% of the damage. But whatever, I'm about 15 hours in and I'm still having fun. It's not like it costs anything and I don't have a problem with taking a break from the game to check it out again some time later down the line.