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Cross-posting myself again:

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Clearly different setting and look. That's the problem people have with Destiny 2, the visual identity is far too simular to Destiny 1.

Every uncharted is Nathan Drake shooting stuff or it wouldn't be an Uncharted game. That's it's visual identity. However, with each subsequent entry, Naughty Dog is willing to tweak that visual identity to make it apparent that this isn't the game you just played. Those tweaks could involve different art styles, way new areas, or something ass simple as a change to the hud (this is most apparent in destiny 2).

A similar logic applies to the cod games, although to a lesser extent. They all are clearly cod, but unless you're visiting a vastly different setting (ww1, vs ww2, vs future), they all maintain a largely unchanged visual identity. That's why everyone always says cod games look the same as the last one. Unless you're very attentive and bother to do a quick comparison, you'll probably think the same thing.

So when people say Destiny 2 looks like an expansion they say that because Bungie didn't so much to change the game's visual identity. They prescribed to the " don't fix what's not broken model." That's all fine and dandy when your shooting is top notch like Destiny, but you need to do something to the visuals to make consumers feel like they're not doing the same thing over again.

If you want me to elaborate further, I'd be more than happy to. I typed this on my phone just after waking up, so my thoughts might be all over the place.

Edit :
You can apply the same logic to why people thought the recent 2d Mario games and Splatoon 2 vs Splatoon 1 look so similar.