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(03-04-2017, 07:58 AM)
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Originally Posted by SOLDIER

I had some leftover kinesio tape, will that serve as adequate protection?

All I have to do is cover up the four bumps inside the dock, right?

Not interested in a screen protector, so hoping this is enough.

It's certainly possible, but Kinesio tape is pretty rigid isn't it? Could be abrasive. You want something that's soft but will not cause too much friction.

Just out of curiosity have you ever used a tempered glass protector? I dreaded screen protectors until they became common. If you really don't want a physical screen protector liquid armor type solutions aren't bad. They're essentially just a liquid protection layer, but the difference is you can reapply later if it gets really scratched up since it's like a film and it will repair it. In the long run it's more expensive than a tempered glass protector. But it's an option.

People who reviewed it really don't understand how it works lol. It doesn't work the same way a temepered glass or gorilla glass protector works. It's basically just a layer than can easily be refreshed and will protect the actual screen from scratches, including deep scratches.