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Originally Posted by lightskintwin

Nonsense. Denzel Washington has been one of the most consistent box office draws. Will Smith is still a box office draw, he's just been doing modestly budgeted dramas as of late. Kevin Hart and The Rock are box office draws.

Denzel Washington is a good example, so is Kevin Hart. Will Smith was pretty good at box office until he made some bad decisions recently, although Suicide Squad has elevated his box office status again and Aladdin is no doubt going to take it to another level.

I am not sure about The Rock though. Baywatch proved that he can have some duds although he has Jumani and Rampage coming up, which are going to prove his mantle.

Originally Posted by ElBoxyBrown

Not after The Mummy. People aren't gonna force themselves to see a bad Tom Cruise movie, which he has had a couple.

As much as I hate The Mummy, it wasn't the worst movie I have seen this year and it likely isn't going to suddenly kill Tom Cruise or the other co-stars' box office potential.