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(09-14-2017, 03:40 AM)
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Originally Posted by Rushersauce

Will be 30. I just know it. Still, FUCKING AMAZING

I recall saying idSoft saying that 60fps is the way to play this game and made sure it worked out that way on Xbox and PS4, so I'm sure they're working on getting the game to play at that res, but I'm still impressed it's even happening! Also, I guarantee this is taking advantage of the Switch's Vulkan support. Not calling it magic or anything, but seeing as the Xbox One version used DX11 and PS4 used OpenGL, both I don't think are good at power efficiency and multicore workload. Especially OpenGL on AMD hardware. Vulkan on the other hand is. If the Switch didn't have Vulkan support, Doom and Wolfenstein probably wouldn't have been possible.

EDIT: I'm not assuming the game will play at 60fps on Switch, just speculating on how the port is even possible.