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Phife Dawg
(05-22-2008, 09:43 AM)
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Quite a discrepancy on MK compared to Famitsu. Slow week all in all.

The Bleach HTS fanbase must be one of the most consistant, this one should go to around 80-90k as well. Do the games differ or is it just a yearly rooster update?

Originally Posted by k79

Valkyria Chronicles :( - That's really disappointing

Well it is the only PS3 game in the Top 30 and it held steady, though with the 10th best selling game at 10k that's not saying much. I thought it would do much worse, but in the end still rather disappointing sales for Sega.

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Once one household buys it that's it though, and it is more expensive.

Wait, so households need more than one copy of WiiSports?